Global Solar Solutions

We are a global organisation with offices or dealers in over 50 countries.

Passionate About Innovation

Solimpeks’ R&D focuses on innovative products so you can stay ahead of the game

Hybrid PV-Thermal

We’ve been designing solar technology since 1973, so we know a thing or two about it

Evacuated Tubes

An innovative new solar hot water range by Solimpeks, designed for Australia’s everyday needs.

  • Solimpeks Australia

    Solimpeks Australia is part of a globally established network with over 35 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing European made solar collectors and accessories.

    Our class leading Volther Hybrid PV-T range combines Photovoltaic for electricity, and Thermal for hot water, in one sleek unit. The net result is an outstanding PV and Thermal collector that can be used in residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

    All this technology is housed in designer casing that takes up less roof space than an equivalent PV and Thermal system.