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Solimpeks are excited to announce we are now a Preferred Supplier of Green Homes Australia! Their preferred list is made up of organisations who have joined with GHA in the name of promoting sustainable construction in Australia.

Green Homes Australia was founded in 2006 with the purpose to build more affordable, comfortable and efficient homes. Homes that cost no more than a conventional home to build and are much, much cheaper to run. They have extensive expertise across the built environment, natural landscaping, education and training, banking and finance, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability to ensure home owners, renovators and renters as well as builders and tradies receive the support they need so they can build value and save money. Their network of Green Builders and Green Tradies can take any building work you might have, from new homes, renovations, or extensions; and deliver outstanding green outcomes that will save you thousands each year.

Green Homes Australia provides a number of options for anyone wanting to have a more eco-friendly home.

For more information please check out their website.

One of Australia’s largest smart energy providers, the Infinity Group, has partnered with Solimpeks to supply groundbreaking, money and space-saving solar and thermal technology in Queensland.

The photovoltaic thermal hybrid panels (PV-T) combine solar PV and solar thermal technology in a single product to generate electricity, provide domestic hot water and heat swimming pools, with lower installation costs and much higher paybacks.

Chris Thomson, Infinity Group director said the company was excited to provide the innovative solar technology, which is the first of its kind in Australia, to its customers.

“We’re always looking for the most effective products for our customers and PV-T panels offer the best of both worlds when it comes to solar power and hot water, with better paybacks compared to traditional PV and thermal technologies,” Mr Thomson said.

“On top of this, installing PV-T can actually cost less than the equivalent separate PV and thermal systems.

“Another big advantage of PV-T is it saves rooftop space, with only one type of panel needed to produce both heat and electricity. For example, traditional PV panels plus a solar thermal system would require 40 per cent more roof space to generate the same energy as PV-T panels,” he said.

The hybrid panel can be used in commercial, residential or industrial installations, and is the only product in Australia to hold both Watermark and Clean Energy Council certificates, which certify the panel’s capacity for both solar and thermal power generation.

Solimpeks’ Australasia Director Daniel Barber said the company was delighted to launch this cutting edge product to the Queensland market.

“We were looking for a company that could differentiate themselves from the standard market players and have great confidence in the Infinity Group rolling out such a game changing product,” Mr Barber said.

“Queensland’s climate provides one the most abundant solar energy sources in the world and people can really take advantage of this using PV-T, which will help reduce household energy demand by offering efficient solar and thermal energy generation in one unique product.

“The future of rooftop solar lies in PV-T and we’re extremely proud to be the first player in this space in Australia,” he concluded.

Media contacts:

Miette Lelievre – 0431 854 878 –
Lisa Coutts – 0468 602 890 –

All Energy this year was it’s usual awesome self. For the first time in a couple of years there was actually some new technologies to get excited about.

A lot of hopes are being pinned on battery storage, and it seems some companies are getting near a product that makes commercial sense. For us the most stand out was a Winaico product that has an exceptional performance warranty, with superfast recharge time and has been tested to mind boggling cycle volumes. When you do the maths, it’s starting to make sense, albeit with a high initial outlay.

A super efficient motor was on show, along with some neat LED solutions, a company that makes 100% self sufficient mobile housing units (geared at mining but can be used anywhere) and a very interesting (almost too good to be true) solar cooling technology that could revolutionise the industry.

To give a balanced view, there was of course also the usual raft of average PV, which is a little disappointing but I guess you have to make up the numbers. It’s still a mystery why some overseas companies spend so much money on a branding process that massively misses the mark (some very elaborate stands on show), when they’d be much better served spending 10% of that budget on a local consultant to advise the best way to target the local market here.

As for Solimpeks and our humble Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel, well, we’re still the only one on the market here (nice to see for us, but a little sad that the rest of the country hasn’t caught up yet). We found a considerable difference from last year in people coming to see us; last year it was all about distributors, this year was all about commercial, which of course very much reflects the movement in solar PV this year. We’re working on some conversations that will hopefully result in a shift in how commercial solar is approached.

The last point worth noting is finance, which in solar PV terms is the next big thing (Hybrid PV-Thermal aside, of course…). Some good packages are becoming available, and if you’re a distributor who doesn’t have a plan for this, it’s going to be a very tough time in the next year.

Previously registered with the CEC, Solimpeks has this week received confirmation that it is fully certified as part of a whole system on the Solar Hot Water Register, meaning it’s PV-T panels can be used in any residential, commercial or industrial application. There is no other solar panel in Australia that produces electrical output, has the Watermark certificate and is AS/NZS 2712 system registered.

The Solimpeks PV-T combines Solar PV and Solar Thermal technology, meaning it can deliver electricity and hot water from the same unit. With black-on-black cells and back sheet, it has the look and performance of an ultra high end solar panel.

Through its distribution network, Solimpeks PV-T panels have already been installed in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with their ‘PV + Pool Heating’ application. This exciting news about the Solar Hot Water Register means that Solimpeks is now live with the ‘PV + Solar Hot Water ‘ application for use in any house.

Current applications for ‘PV + Solar Hot Water’ come in 1kW, l.6kW, 2kW and 2.4kW size systems. Each one is capable of providing the same PV output as a same size PV system, as well as hot water for the household.

A major benefit of this system is roof space saving, as it only takes up the same rooftop real estate as the same size PV system. As well as aesthetic benefits, this also means that the troubles of Solar PV and Solar Thermal installers vying for prime north facing roof space do not exist.

Additional roof space savings can be gained from having a ‘Tri-Gen’ system that provides Solar PV, Solar Hot Water and Solar Pool Heating, as one single PV-T solar array replaces three separate rooftop solar arrays. Hydronic heating can also be added to this equation, making it a ‘Quad-Gen’ system.

Solimpeks’ PV + Pool Heating’ has another benefit in that, in PV terms, it runs as a ‘cool system’, meaning that the PV output is greatly enhanced as it suffers from less heat degradation over 25°C.

Solimpeks PV-T has featured on a number of winning houses in the UK television series ‘Grand Designs’.

The current PV-T model sold in Australia, named ‘PowerVolt’, produces a peak 200W of electrical output and 619W of thermal output. It is eligible for Solar PV STCs and will be eligible for Solar Thermal STCs once approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (expected late 2013).

Solimpeks PV-T installs in exactly the same way as standard Solar PV and Solar Thermal, meaning any experienced installer can work with the system.

It is Solimpeks’ intention to directly take on the current major players in the solar hot water industry, as well as taking some market share from standalone PV. It believes that the future of rooftop solar is PV-T, and is proud to be the first player in this space in Australia.

The ‘PV + Solar Hot Water’ application is supported by Westech Solar tanks, which come with a 15 year warranty for stainless steel and 7 year warranty for vitreous enamel.

Solimpeks has been making Solar Thermal technology since 1973. PV-T has been in R&D for 1O years and has been sold in Europe since 2010. It is a top 5 manufacturer of European Solar Thermal panels, producing nearly 400,000m2 of collector each year.

For further information, please visit or
Media contact: Georgie Ling 0433 226 471

Solimpeks Global Managing Director Halil ?brahim Dag was invited to lecture for Solar4Peace, presenting “Fabrication of Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV-T) Hybrid Collectors”, the event took place at the Istanbul Convention Centre during August 2013.

Solar4Peace is both a scientific and technical event featuring prominent scientists (among them 4 Nobel Peace Prize winners) working in the field of solar energy problems, materials and devices.

This international meeting brings the experts together with various scientists from all over the world, a specific number from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa, where energy autonomy is of crucial importance.

Solimpeks are very proud to be associated with such an event, believing the principle that if outstanding scientists exchange knowledge and ideas on “how to utilize solar energy on our planet” we can move things in a positive direction.

Australian Plumbing Gas & Solar (APGS)
Based in Cairns, covers a vast area from the top end down to the northern border of Mackay. Also our exclusive commercial distributor in that area.
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Energy Base
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Contact Brendan on 0488 674 676

Based in Hervey Bay, covers surrounding areas
Contact Scott on 0438 823 891

Based in Gold Coast, covers the Sunshine / Brisbane / Goldie area
Contact Ben on 0488 236 236

Nickel Energy
Based in Lismore, our exclusive distributor in a great area up to Kyogle, across to Tweed and down to Ballina.
Contact David on 0400 250 653

Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, covers most of Sydney
Contact David on 0404 884 987

Waterside Power
Based in Mornington, covers the Peninsula and Melbourne
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Green Energy Needs
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Clean NRG
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We’ve just spent a fantastic day up in sunny Lismore with our newest distributor – Nickel Energy. Nickel Energy is our first Exclusive distributor for residential applications, so if you’re up Northern Rivers way in Lismore, Richmond Valley, Kyogle, Tweed, Ballina or Byron, they’re the guys to call. They’re currently stocking our ‘PV + Pool Heating’ application, will have ‘PV + Solar Hot Water’ when it goes live shortly and of course will be getting the word out for some exciting commercial projects.

Dave and his team at Nickel have experience across the board with Solar PV and Solar Thermal – great to have you on board guys!

You can contact Nickel on 1300 722 527, visit their website or simply pop into the showroom on Conway Street in Lismore.

In May 2013, Turkey’s largest on-roof PV installation went live in the South Western city of Burdur. Apart from being the largest of its kind, using Panasonic HIT N235 modules, it is also the most efficient. Indeed, it was a pleasant surprise for Turkish energy company Seiso Solar when they looked at the June results of the plant they had designed to feed a factory building.

“According to our calculations, a PV system this size should generate 2.6 mWh/day at this time of year,” says Ismail Hakki Karaca, CEO of Seiso Solar. We know that we can usually expect a higher output from Panasonic HIT modules, so we were planning with 82 mWh for June. Looking at the data, however, we were absolutely amazed to find that the system has generated a staggering 96 mWh!”

With an average of 2,640 hours of sunshine a year, Turkey offers excellent conditions for solar energy. At the same time, however, the dry, hot climate can cause module performance to drop. “HIT modules are based on a sandwich construction of hybrid monocrystalline wafers coated with a thin amorphous silicone,” explains Daniel Roca, Business Developer Solar with Panasonic. “Thanks to their special technology, they offer a temperature coefficient of -0,29%/°C – performing considerably better at high temperatures than other, conventional crystalline silicon modules.”

The Burdur installation has a nominal capacity of 495 kWp. Looking closer at the data, the modules have been performing on a top level for approximately 8 hours every day. “On June 19th, we reached 3.77 mWh ? this may well be a world record,” says Karaca.

The generated energy is used on the spot to feed a marble factory. As Turkey had released new regulations for a license-free power generation up to 1 MW, the investment is proving to be most rewarding – the owner can benefit from an ample supply of free energy, and gain a return of approx. 0,10 €/kWh for any excess that is fed into the grid – such as the 17 % extra generated in June.

This exciting news is the result of much hard work; the technical expertise of Panasonic, the project management experience of Seiso and the commercial acumen of Solimpeks. All three companies are looking forward to combining forces again to bring more exceptional success stories to the renewable energy market.

Australian PV installation brokers Solar Choice have published an article about Solimpeks’ modules in Australia. In our discussions with Solar Choice and in our own experience to date, we’ve gathered that many Australians considering going solar have perceived it necessary to make a choice between solar hot water or solar PV. Solimpeks is actively working to challenge this notion by making it feasible and affordable to have both with it’s Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel.

Having managed hundreds of tenders for commercial solar projects, Solar Choice is also familiar with the all benefits that solar PV offers businesses–benefits which are becoming more apparent to companies across the country. However, as with residential solar, not as many companies are aware of the benefits that solar hot water promises. As time goes on this will doubtless change, and Solimpeks’ Hybrid PV-Thermal modules could be the ones to pave the way in shifting this way of thinking.

To read the article click here.

Sad news about Conergy, it’s never good to see an industry giant fall. But every cloud has a silver lining. Different times call for different business models and Solimpeks is one well prepared company.

We’ve been around for 40 years and will be here in 40 more. We have a class leading range of Solar Thermal products and the most developed Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel in the world. Our business is based on solid products, constant innovation and organic growth.

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